EOS, the Robust, Reliable and Competitive Deployer for MicroSatellites from 20kg to 60kg of MECANO ID

EOS will firmly maintain your small satellite during the launch and eject it as soon as the required orbit will be reached.

  • Mass < 4 kg

  • Predictable mechanical levels

  • 5 free external faces

  • Satellite range: 12U to 27U

  • Very low spin
    ( ω < 2°/s )

  • Compatible with any launchers

  • Space Heritage

    Pure space player since 25 years
    More than 40 satellites contributions

  • Certifications

    JISQ 9100
    EN 9100
    AS 9100

Building on 25 years of successful space projects gathering CAD design, mechanical & thermal analysis and environmental testings, MECANO ID is developing a high-precision deployer for nanosatellites & microsatellites.

In addition to its high performances, this innovative deployer has other attractive benefits: nanosatellites can be mounted in a preferential direction inside the launcher because its design is fully axisymmetric and the interfaces can be adapted to the mission.

Furthermore, AIT phase can be done several weeks before the launch because the faces of the nanosatellites are easily accessible.

On top of that, MECANO ID provides several add-ons such as acceptance testings, platform engineering, mission analysis & design and there is more to come.

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